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Release Guide: 5.5.0
Release Guide: 5.5.0
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Release version 5.5.0 focusses on increasing monthly report coverage and data validation methods, improving accessibility, and enabling international addresses and currencies in wholesale transactions.

For an itemized list of updates, visit the 5.5.0 Release Notes.

Audit Reports

Many of you have requested a straightforward way to validate the data pulled for the monthly CRA & CTLS reports, and in this update we’re answering that request in the form of event history Audit Reports. Each audit report pulls an itemized list of transactions that have affected the inventory levels of a specified cannabis subclass within a reporting period. This provides an easy way to validate report totals and identify inaccurate transactions.

This update introduces five event history audit reports that correspond with sections on the CTLS and CRA reports:

  • Unpackaged – Seeds

  • Unpackaged – Vegetative Cannabis Plants

  • Unpackaged – Whole Cannabis Plants

  • Unpackaged – Fresh

  • Medical – Active Client Registrations

More audit reports are slated for release in early 2021. You can access the audit reports through the Monthly Reports tab in the Reports module.


We have updated elements of the Seed-to-Sale web platform to ensure compliance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. To improve accessibility, we have adjusted the colour and size of text throughout the software to meet minimum contrast requirements, removed keyboard traps to enable keyboard navigation, and adding semantic elements on the back-end to accommodate screen reader navigation.

Wholesale: International Addresses & Currencies

Version 5.5.0 introduces updates to the Wholesale application to support international vendors, addresses, currencies, and tax rates. This includes the addition of tax types, the ability to associate multiple licence numbers to a single vendor, and a new relationship between Sales Orders, currencies, and tax rates.

Tax Types

Through the new Tax Types sub-tab, you can configure custom tax types to ensure compliance with tax rates in every jurisdiction you serve. At any time you can Create, Update, or Archive a tax type.



When Creating a Sales Order, you can now select between over 30 currency options. To support this change, the Sales By Line Item report has been updated to accommodate international currencies and addresses.


Vendors & Sales Orders

Previously, each vendor was associated with a currency setting and taxes were calculated automatically using the vendor’s shipping address. As of version 5.5.0, the association between vendors and currencies has been severed. Now, you select a currency when creating a Sales Order, and tax rates will be applied on a case-by-case basis to each Sales Order and/or Sales Order line item. This ensures granular control over each order item to accommodate cases where a single Sales Order serves multiple tax jurisdictions.


When Creating a Vendor, you can now associate a unique licence ID number with each vendor address. This accommodates vendors with multiple licences in multiple jurisdictions.


For an itemized list of updates, visit the 5.5.0 Release Notes.

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