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How to Update a Tax Type
How to Update a Tax Type
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An administrator can update a tax type’s details at any time to reflect regulatory changes. If the update affects the tax rate, this duplicates the tax type and archives the outdated version. Please note that updates to a tax type will only apply to future Sales Orders and will not affect in-progress Sales Orders.

Required permission(s): tax_type_read, tax_type_update

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Settings tab.

  2. Open the Tax Types sub-tab.

  3. Select a tax type to open the Update Tax Type modal.

  4. Adjust the tax type's details as necessary.

    • If the update affects the tax rate, the process will duplicate the tax type and archive the previous version.

  5. Click Save to finalize the changes.


From the Tax Types tab, you can also Add a New Tax Type or Archive a Tax Type.

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