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How to Create a Tax Type
How to Create a Tax Type
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Through the Tax Types sub-tab, you can configure custom tax rates for specific jurisdictions. When creating a Sales Order, you can select the tax rate that applies to the order or specific order items.

Required permission(s): tax_type_read, tax_type_create

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Settings tab.

  2. Open the Tax Types sub-tab.

  3. Click New. This opens the Create a New Tax Type modal.

  4. Configure the tax type’s details in the fields provided.

    • Tax Name: The tax type’s abbreviated name–GST, PST, etc. This field will accept a maximum of five characters.

    • Rate: The tax rate. This may not exceed 100%.

    • Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction in which the tax type is applicable. This assists users in selecting the correct tax types when creating Sales Orders.

  5. Click Create to add the new tax type.


From the Wholesale application's Settings tab, you can also Add a Payment Term or Create a Vendor Category.

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