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Throughout the course of cannabis production, Grow Technicians interact with the Seed-to-Sale software through specialized hardware, including the scanner gun, printers, and scales. This article summarizes the hardware a Grow Technician can expect to use as part of the grow room workflow.

Hardware used in this workflow must be integrated with the Seed-to-Sale software. Contact the Ample Organics Hardware Support team to Add a New Printer, or visit the Settings module to Add a New Scale or Test a Scale's Connection.

Scanner Gun

Model: Zebra MC3200
Purpose: The MC3200 scanner gun hosts the Ample Organics Gun App, and allows you to interact with objects tagged with QR codes–in the Grow workflow, Grow Technicians can expect to scan Plants, Batches, Locations, Destruction Lots, Seed Lots, and Bulk Lots. Several essential functions in the Seed-to-Sale process are exclusive to the Gun App.

Tag Printer

Model: Zebra TLP 2824 plus
Label Width: 2.25"
Purpose: The TLP2824 printer is the workhorse of the production facility. Its purpose is to print the QR code labels for all objects that interact with the Scanner Gun and Gun App: User ID tags, Plants, Batches, Locations, Destruction Lots, Seed Lots, Totes, Bottles, Orders and Bulk Lots.

Label Printer

Model: ZT410 (200dpi)
Label Width: Up to 4"
Purpose: The ZT410 printer specializes in printing labels with predefined fields. The 200dpi version is used in grow rooms to print plant loops labels.

Visit the ZT400 User Guide.


Model: Unspecified. A licence holder may use their preferred scale model.
Purpose: Used to input fresh bulk weight into the Seed-to-Sale software.

Learn more about the types of hardware used in the Packaging and Fulfillment & Shipment workflows.

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