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How to Add a New Scale
How to Add a New Scale
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During the harvesting, packaging, and order fulfillment workflows, users must weigh cannabis using specialized scales. You can enter weight values manually, but to eliminate human error, a licence holder can connect their scales to their Seed-to-Sale environment through the Devices tab in the Settings module. Once a scale is connected, you can weigh an item and scan the scale's QR code to read the item's weight value, rather than entering it manually. Follow the steps below to add a new scale.

Required permission(s): device_create

  1. In the Settings module, open the Devices tab.

  2. Open the Scales tab.

  3. Click New Scale. This opens a New Scale modal.

  4. Enter the scale's name, network address, and port in the fields provided, and select a model from the drop-down menu. The Port value will always be 4098.

    • Note: The models listed in the Model drop-down menu are limited, as these are the scale models the Seed-to-Sale software was built to accommodate. However, other scale models may be compatible with the software. To add a scale that is not listed in this drop-down menu, contact Ample Organics' Hardware Support team.

  5. Click Save to add the new scale.


After adding a new scale, you should Test the Scale's Connection to ensure that the scale's port and network address information is accurate. Once the connection is established, you should Label the Scale.

Visit the Printers/Other sub-tab to Add a New Printer.

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