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How to Test a Scale's Connection
How to Test a Scale's Connection
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After Adding a New Scale, you should test the scale's connection to ensure the network address and port information is accurate, allowing the scale to communicate with the Seed-to-Sale software.

  1. In the Settings module, open the Devices tab.

  2. Open the Scales sub-tab.

  3. Select a scale. This opens a modal that displays the scale's information.

  4. Place an object on the scale. Note the object's weight.

  5. Click Test Scale.

    • If the scale is connected, the scale's Sample Weight will appear in the modal. This figure should match the weight on the physical scale.

    • If the scale is not connected, the Test Scale button will return an error message. If this happens, check the scale's Network Address and Port.

Through the Devices tab, you can also Add a New Scale or Add a New Printer.

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