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Gun App Overview
Gun App Overview
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The Ample Organics Gun App is a mobile app that users access on the grow room floor using wireless Scanner Guns, which travel throughout the cannabis production facility without losing connectivity or requiring adjustment. Several key functions are only accessible through the Gun App, but rather than acting as two separate entities, the Gun and Web platforms interact with one another and access the same data. Actions performed on the Gun App are reflected on the Web App, and vice versa.


Scan a user barcode to Log Into the Gun App. A successful login opens the Gun App landing page, from which you have access to the four Gun App modules:

  • Grow Room: For managing plants, batches, and harvests.

  • Order Fulfillment: For picking bottles and generating shipping labels to fulfill orders.

  • Packaging Runs: For creating and managing Packaging Runs.

  • Other: Miscellaneous functions, including bottle reclamation and destruction.

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