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How to Create a New Security Role
How to Create a New Security Role
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The Seed-to-Sale software provides a menu of Seeded Security Roles that determine the modules and functions users can access depending on their position or rank. Administrators can customize these roles, or create new roles altogether, to better suit the needs of their facility. However, Ample Organics recommends the licence holder adhere as closely as possible to the default security roles.

Required permission(s): user_read, security_role_read, permission_read, security_role_create

  1. In the Settings module, open the User Management tab.

  2. Select the Security Roles sub-tab.

  3. Click New to open a blank Security Role Profile.

    • Note: To create a security role that is similar to an existing role, locate the existing role and click Duplicate. This clones the security role and opens the new Security Role Profile. The Admin can then adjust the role as necessary.

  4. Enter a Role Name and Description (Optional) for the security role in the provided fields.

  5. Select permissions for the new security role by checking boxes in the Permissions section.

    • Note: Hover over a permission for a description of its function.

  6. Click Save to save the security role.


Learn more about Security Roles and permissions in User Management.

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