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How to Create a New User
How to Create a New User
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A user with Admin status can create new users and assign security roles and permissions. This is necessary anytime the licence holder has a new employee who requires access to the Seed-to-Sale software.

Required permission(s): user_read, security_role_read, permission_read, user_create

  1. In the Settings module, open the User Management tab.


  2. Click New to open a new user page.

  3. In the Account Settings section, enter the user's personal information, and set a password.

  4. In the Security Roles section, assign security role(s) to the new user. Security roles determine the modules and functions the user can access depending on their position or rank.

  5. In the Additional Permissions section, select any user-specific permissions.

    • Note: Hover over a permission for a description.

  6. Click Save to save the new user.


For more information on security roles, visit the User Management tab.

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