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How to Customize Lab Report Threshold Defaults
How to Customize Lab Report Threshold Defaults
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Lab report threshold default values determine how lab report data appears on the finished product's labels. For example, if the default THC threshold is set to "0.07%", and the lab results show the Bulk Lot's THC potency at "0.05%", the THC value on the product's label will appear as "<0.07%".

Required permission(s): setting_update

  1. In the Settings module, open the Core Default Settings tab.

  2. Select Lab Report Threshold Defaults. This opens an index of default reporting values to record each cannabinoid potency in mg/unit, mg/g/unit, mg/g, mg/ml, percentage (%), and mg.


  3. Update default values as necessary.

  4. Click Save to save the updated default values.

QA Technicians encounter lab report threshold defaults when Updating a Lab Report with COA Results.

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