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Child Lots Tab – Destruction Lot Profile
Child Lots Tab – Destruction Lot Profile
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The Child Lots tab manages all child lots–also known as sublots–associated with a parent Destruction Lot. Child lots are the physical receptacles that store plant waste in advance of its destruction. Child lots of a parent Destruction Lot may be spread throughout the licence holder's grow facility, but they are considered part of the same lot and are destroyed as a unit.

[img destruction-child-lots]

Click New Child Lot to Create a New Child Lot. When creating a child lot/sublot, you can specify whether to use a single-use disposable container or a reusable vessel. Visit the Reusable Vessels/Bins tab to Add a New Reusable Destruction Vessel.

Child Lot Menu

[img destruction-child-lots-menu]

Click the

icon beside a child lot to open a menu of options for the lot. These options include:

For information on other Destruction Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Contents by Source and Weight Events.

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