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Weight Events Tab – Destruction Lot Profile
Weight Events Tab – Destruction Lot Profile
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A Destruction Lot's Weight Events tab tracks all events that affect the Destruction Lot's weight. Changes in weight occur when a Destruction Lot receives input weight, when a user reverts a destruction event, and when a user enters a lot's closing weight.

[img destruction-weight-events]

Each line in the Weight Events table includes detailed information about the weight event, including:

  • Sublot: The child lot/sublot affected by the weight event.

  • Weight: The weight of cannabis affected by the weight event, in grams.

  • Description: The source item's type and the substance destroyed.

  • Reason: The reason for the destruction event.

  • Date: The date and time at which the weight event took place.

  • Logged By: The user who initiated the weight event.

For information on other Destruction Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Child Lots and Contents by Source.

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