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How to Close a Destruction Lot – Destruction Module
How to Close a Destruction Lot – Destruction Module
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Once a Destruction Lot and its associated child lots are full of waste, Grow Technicians must close the Destruction Lot in preparation for destruction. Closing a Destruction Lot is not the same as destroying the Destruction Lot. When a lot is closed, it means that Grow Technicians can no longer add weight to the lot. This ensures that the weight is accurate when the lot is finally destroyed.

Closing a Destruction Lot is also possible through the Gun App.

Required permission(s): destruction_lot_read, destruction_lot_update

  1. In the Destruction module, select an Open Destruction Lot. This opens the Destruction Lot's Profile.

  2. Close any Open child lots.

    1. Open the Child Lots tab.

    2. Click the

      icon beside a child lot to open a menu of options.

    3. Select Close Sublot. This opens the Close Sublot modal.

    4. Enter the child lot's closing weight in the field provided, including the vessel's tare weight.

      • Note: The closing weight may be less than the Weight Sum field if degradation occurs in the destruction vessel. For example, liquid waste may partially evaporate, resulting in a lighter closing weight.

    5. Click OK to close the child lot.

    6. Repeat steps a-e for each child lot.

  3. In the Destruction Lot's sidebar, click Close. This opens the Close Lot modal.

  4. Read through the Input Weight Sum and Closing Weight summaries. If everything is in order, click OK to close the Destruction Lot.


After recording the Destruction Lot's closing weight, the licence holder can Destroy the Destruction Lot.

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