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Destruction Lot Profile
Destruction Lot Profile
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A Destruction Lot Profile hosts detailed information and actions for a specific Destruction Lot and its associated destruction events. The Destruction Lot itself it not a physical vessel that stores plant waste. More accurately, a parent Destruction Lot is a means by which to group child lots–also known as sublots–which are the physical receptacles that store plant waste in preparation for destruction. Child lots of a parent Destruction Lot may be spread throughout the licence holder's grow facility, but they are considered part of the same lot and are destroyed as a unit.


A Destruction Lot Profile splits into four tabs: Overview, Child Lots, Contents by Source, and Weight Events.

When you open a Destruction Lot Profile, the Overview tab opens by default.



The Overview displays basic information about the Destruction Lot, including the lot's name, the total input weight to date, and the lot's date and time of creation. Click Edit to change the Lot Name.

Once a Destruction Lot and its associated child lots/sublots are full of waste, click Close to Close the Destruction Lot. Closing a Destruction Lot precedes destroying the Destruction Lot. When a lot is closed, it means that Grow Technicians can no longer add weight to it. This ensures that the destruction weight is accurate.

When the time comes to Destroy the Destruction Lot and its contents, the Destruction Details section allows the licence holder to track where the destruction took place, the method by which the waste was destroyed, and all witnesses to the destruction. Any individual who holds a security clearance and is an employee of the licence holder is qualified to witness the destruction of cannabis. Leave these fields blank until the Destruction Lot and its sublots/child lots are closed and ready for destruction.

After the destruction event takes place, click Report to Download a PDF Summary of the waste destruction.

Navigate back to the Destruction module landing page to Create a New Destruction Lot.

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