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Reusable Vessels/Bins Tab
Reusable Vessels/Bins Tab
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The Reusable Vessels/Bins tab allows a cannabis cultivator or processor to customize the list of reusable destruction vessels available at their facility. When Creating a Child Lot, you may use a reusable vessel such as a plastic bin or a garbage bag, rather than a single-use container.


The Destruction Vessels index hosts high-level information about each reusable destruction vessel, including the vessel's name, the number of open sublots that use the vessel, and the date on which the vessel was created and last modified. Click New to Create a New Destruction Vessel, or click Edit to update a vessel's name.

Reusable Vessel Menu


Click the


icon beside a reusable vessel to open a menu of options. These options include:

  • Archive Vessel: Archive the vessel if it is no longer used.

  • Print Barcode Label: Print a Label to identify the vessel.

For more information on Destruction module, visit the Destruction Lots and Settings tabs.

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