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How to Destroy a Destruction Lot
How to Destroy a Destruction Lot
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Unlike Closing a Destruction Lot, which only prevents Grow Technicians from adding additional weight to the lot, destroying a Destruction Lot indicates that the waste material in the lot has been physically destroyed. Please note that destroying a Destruction Lot is irreversible; once the lot is destroyed, you cannot reopen the lot to add additional waste.

Required permission(s): destruction_lot_read, destruction_lot_update,

  1. Open the Destruction module.

  2. Select a Closed Destruction Lot from the index to open the Destruction Lot's Profile.

  3. Click Edit to unlock the Destruction Details section.

  4. Fill out the fields provided.

    • Destruction Address: The destruction location.

    • Destruction Method: The mode of destruction.

    • Witness 1: The primary witness to the destruction. Any individual who holds a security clearance and is an employee of the licence holder is qualified to witness the destruction of cannabis.

    • Witness 2: The secondary witness to the destruction.

    • Accompanied By: The person accompanying the Destruction Lot if the destruction takes place offsite.

  5. After populating all fields, click Save.

  6. Click Destroy Lot. This opens the Destroy Lot modal.

  7. Select the Date of Destruction in the field provided.

  8. Click Destroy to destroy the Destruction Lot.


Visit the Destruction Process Guide for a comprehensive list of all destruction options available through the Seed-to-Sale software.

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