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How to Create a New Seed Lot
How to Create a New Seed Lot
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Many cannabis cultivators introduce new cannabis strains to their facility by purchasing seeds. Typically, Grow Technicians use batches grown from seeds for phenotype selection, in the interest of breeding strong Mother plants for cloning.

Seeds of the same strain are grouped in bags or containers known as Seed Lots. Follow the steps below to create a new Seed Lot.

Required permission(s): seed_lot_read, strain_read, seed_lot_create

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

  2. Open the Seed Lots sub-tab.

  3. Click New. This opens a Create Seed Lot modal.

  4. Enter information about the new Seed Lot in the fields provided.

    • Name: A unique name for the Seed Lot.

    • Strain: The strain of seeds in the Seed Lot.

      • If the Seed Lot's cannabis strain is not listed, click Create Strain.

    • Location: The place the Seed Lot will be stored. Many cannabis cultivators store their Seed Lots in a vault when not in use.

    • Source: The seeds' source. Populating this field ensures accurate values in the Unpackaged Seeds columns on the monthly CTLS Report. Options are:

      • Produced: Indicates the seeds were produced on-site through breeding.

      • Received - Domestic: Indicates the seeds were purchased from another Canadian producer.

      • Received - Imported: Indicates the seeds were purchased from a producer outside Canada.

    • Seed Count: The number of seeds in the Seed Lot.

    • Weight: The aggregate weight of all seeds in the Seed Lot.

  5. Click Create to add the new Seed Lot.


After creating a new Seed Lot, open the Seed Lot's Profile to Label the Seed Lot or Create a New Batch from the Seed Lot.

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