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How to Create a Child Location
How to Create a Child Location
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A grow room may contain other locations–such as a table, row, or shelf within the room–in a parent-child relationship. Follow the process below to create a new child location.

Required permission(s): location_create

  1. In the Grow module, open the Rooms & Locations tab.

    [img rooms-and-locations]

  2. Select a location to open the Location's Profile.

    [img location-profile]

  3. Scroll down to the Child Locations section, and click New. This opens the New Child Location modal.

  4. Enter a Location Name and Description for the child location in the fields provided.

  5. Click Confirm to create the new child location.


If the grow room configuration changes, Grow Technicians can Move Child Locations between Grow Rooms.

Navigate back to the Rooms & Locations tab to Create a New Grow Room.

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