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How to Record Waste from a Batch
How to Record Waste from a Batch
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Over the normal course of cannabis production, plants may shed leaves or require trimming, and this small amount of waste from all plants within a single batch is known as batch waste. Follow the steps below to record and destroy batch waste through the Gun App.

To send whole plants to a destruction lot, use the Destroy Plants option instead.

Required permission(s): batch_read, destruction_lot_read, batch_update, destruction_lot_update

  1. Scan or click on a batch. This opens the batch's Overview tab.

  2. Click Destruction to begin the destruction workflow.

  3. Click Record Waste. This prompts the Grow Technician to select a Destruction Lot and sublot.

  4. Select a Destruction Lot by clicking one of the radio buttons on the left side of the screen, and click the

    icon to continue.

  5. Select a sublot–also known as a child lot–by selecting the radio button to its left, and click the

    icon to continue.

  6. Enter the weight, the reason for destruction, and the substance to be destroyed in the fields provided, and click Continue. This opens a confirmation page that summarizes the destruction event.


  7. Review the destruction details on the confirmation page. If everything is in order, click Record Destruction to finalize the destruction event.


Through the Gun App, a Grow Technician can also Record Waste from an Individual Plant.

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