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How to Add Seeds to a Seed Lot
How to Add Seeds to a Seed Lot
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Ideally, a licence holder should have only one Seed Lot per cannabis strain. If Grow Technicians acquire additional seeds of a given strain, or if the original seed count was recorded incorrectly, follow the steps below to add seeds to the Seed Lot.

Note: To ensure accurate values on the CTLS Report, Grow Technicians should only add seeds to a Seed Lot if the seeds are from the same source and received during the same month as the rest of the Seed Lot. If the seeds are from a different source or were received within a different month, Create a New Seed Lot.

Required permission(s): seed_lot_read, strain_read, seed_lot_update

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

  2. Open the Seed Lots sub-tab.

  3. Select a Seed Lot to open the Seed Lot's Profile.

  4. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  5. Click Add Seeds. This opens the Add Seeds To Lot modal.

  6. Enter the seed weight and quantity to add to the Seed Lot in the fields provided.

  7. Click OK to add the new seeds to the Seed Lot.


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