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How to Create a New Grow Room
How to Create a New Grow Room
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A Grow Room is any room dedicated to growing and caring for cannabis plants. For accurate tracking, Grow Technicians should customize the menu of grow rooms in the Grow module to reflect the layout of their facility.

As a best practice, licence holders should create a maximum of 200 distinct locations. Excessive locations can negatively affect report generation times

Required permission(s): location_create

  1. In the Grow module, open the Rooms & Locations tab.

    [img rooms-and-locations]

  2. Click New to open the Create Grow Room modal.

  3. Enter a Grow Room Name and Description for the grow room in the fields provided.

  4. Click Confirm to create the new grow room.


After creating a new grow room, a Grow Technician should immediately Label the Location.

A grow room location may contain any number of child locations. Open the Location's Profile to Create a Child Location or Move a Location to a New Parent.

If the cannabis cultivator is operating on a new Seed-to-Sale environment, a Grow Technician may need to Set Up Essential Rooms & Locations to meet the needs of their facility.

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