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Work Order Profile
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A Work Order Profile hosts detailed information and actions for a specific Work Order. A Work Order is a processing event that affects the aggregate weight of cannabis in a Bulk Lot and converts the cannabis from one form to another. Work Order types include drying, oil extraction, encapsulation, and baking.


The Work Order Profile splits into two tabs: Overview and Weight Events.

On selecting a Work Order Profile from the index on the Work Orders module, the Overview tab opens by default.



The Overview tab keeps a record of the Work Order's input and output values. The actions and information available on the Overview tab differ depending on the Work Order's stage.

Work Order Stages

A Work Order will have one of three stages.

  • Open: The cannabis has yet to be processed through the Work Order. Here, the Processing Technician can still edit the input weight before finalizing the output weight.

  • Finalized: The cannabis is processed, which determines the Work Order's outputs and waste. Here, the Processing Technician selects the destination Bulk Lot to receive the outputs. The input weight is Finalized, but the output weight can still be corrected.

  • Closed: The Work Order is complete, and the Processing Technician can no longer edit the input or output weights. Once a Work Order is Closed, generate a summary of the Work Order by clicking Download PDF Report.

If an error occurs, click the

icon and select Reset Stage to Reset the Work Order to the Previous Stage.



The Input section describes the weight and/or volume of cannabis before the processing event and lists the sources of the input cannabis. Usually, input weight comes from a source Bulk Lot, but a Work Order may also use untracked input if the licence holder adds non-cannabis material. When Creating a New Work Order, the Processing Technician selects the weight of cannabis to process by selecting at least one input source. The Work Order's inputs and sources can be edited as long as the Work Order is Open.

To add an additional Bulk Lot as a source, click Add Input Lot.

To add cannabis from an untracked source, click Add Untracked Input.



The Output section describes the weight of cannabis after the processing event, and lists the destination Bulk Lot(s). Depending on the nature of the Work Order, the cannabis' weight or volume may be affected considerably by the processing event. Additionally, some Work Orders like rolling and encapsulation produce discrete units, which describes cannabis in a form like capsules, pre-rolls, or cookies–a form that is countable at the unit level.

Usually, a Work Order will convert cannabis from one cannabis form to another–Fresh to Dried, Fresh to Oil, Oil to Capsule, etc. If the cannabis changes forms during the Work Order, the Processing Technician cannot return the processed cannabis to its source Bulk Lot, as it would mix two distinct cannabis forms together. As such, the technician must create a new Bulk Lot or select another existing Bulk Lot to receive the processed cannabis.

The Processing Technician determines the Work Order's outputs when Finalizing the Work Order, and selects output Bulk Lots when Closing the Work Order.

PDF Report


Once the Work Order's inputs and outputs are finalized and saved, Close the Work Order to mark the processing event as complete. Once the Work Order is Closed, the option to download a comprehensive PDF report of the Work Order appears. Data on the report includes:

  • Work Order Type

  • Opened Date and User

  • Closed Date and User

  • Total input weight, volume, and discrete units (as applicable)

  • Total output weight, volume, and discrete units (as applicable)

  • Amount Remaining to Reconcile

  • Variance

  • Input Bulk Lots, including the lot type and input measurements for each Bulk Lot.

  • Output Bulk Lots, including the lot type and output measurements for each Bulk Lot.

The report also includes information on each Weight Event recorded as part of the Work Order, including:

  • Date/Time

  • Description

  • Created by (user)

  • Total weight, volume, and discrete unit change

  • Running totals of each unit of measure.

Click Download PDF Report to generate the Work Order summary report.

Visit the Work Order Workflows section for examples of how to use Work Orders in combination to produce various product types.

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