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Work Order Settings
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The Settings tab tracks all Work Order Types used by the licence holder. A Work Order Type is a specific process that converts cannabis from one form to another.


Common Work Order Types include:

  • Drying: Converting fresh cannabis to dried cannabis.

  • Trimming: Trimming cannabis branches down to the bud level, either manually or with the help of specialized machinery.

  • Extraction: Extracting oil through any number of extraction processes.

  • Encapsulation: Converting oil extract into capsule form.

  • Baking/Decarboxylation: Baking dry cannabis buds to activate the cannabinoids.

The licence holder should create specific Work Order Types to reflect the specific processes used at the facility, including any distinct oil extraction methods. To Add a Work Order Type, click New.

To learn more about how Work Order Types influence the processing workflow, visit the Work Order Workflows section.

After customizing Work Order Types to match facility processes, visit the Work Orders index to Create a New Work Order.

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