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Productions Module
Productions Module
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The Productions module tracks and manages harvested cannabis through processing, QA approval, packaging, and preparation for sale. The Productions module splits into three tabs: Productions, Vault Locations and Picking Bins, and Settings.

Opening the Productions module brings you to the Productions dashboard.



The Productions Dashboard lists all productions saved to the licence holder's system. A production is the highest-level unit of organization for production processes. A single production contains one or multiple Bulk Lots, the largest unit of bulk post-harvest cannabis of a single form and strain. A single Bulk Lot may contain bulk cannabis from several harvests, and can be split into manageable sub-units called Totes. Furthermore, when Adding Received Inventory, you must select a Bulk Lot to associate to the received bottles–or EA units.

The Productions Dashboard summarizes the total amount of product released from all Bulk Lots for each production, and how much of that product has been packaged and released for sale. Visit the Bulk Lot Profile for more information about releasing and packaging products.

Most licence holders will create one production for each cannabis strain or product they produce. Click New to Create a New Production, or click Bulk Inventory Report to generate a report of all inventory in all productions.

Select a production from the index to open the Production's Profile.

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