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How to Create a New Production
How to Create a New Production
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A production is the highest-level unit of organization for production processes. A single production contains one or several Bulk Lots, the largest unit of bulk harvested cannabis of a single form and strain. As Processing Technicians process cannabis through Work Orders, the cannabis passes from Bulk Lot to Bulk Lot as its form changes. Typically, a production groups all Bulk Lots used when processing a single product of a single cannabis strain.

Required permission(s): production_read, production_create

  1. Open the Productions module, and click New. This opens the Create Production modal.

  2. Enter a unique name for the new production in the field provided.

  3. Click Create to add the new production. The new production will sort alphabetically into the Productions index.


The purpose of a production is to group Bulk Lots with similar properties. Open the new Production's Profile to Add a New Bulk Lot.

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