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Production Profile
Production Profile
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The Production Profile provides a high-level overview of all Bulk Lots associated with a specific production. By default, the Production Profile displays only active Bulk Lots. Click the Include Archived radio button to include archived Bulk Lots in the list.

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As Processing Technicians process cannabis through Work Orders, the cannabis passes from Bulk Lot to Bulk Lot as its form changes. Productions are a means by which to group these Bulk Lots. For instance, a production with an end goal of producing a large flower dried cannabis product may have distinct Bulk Lots for Fresh Bulk, Dry Bulk, Bulk Trim, Large Flower, and Small Flower. Each of these lots align with the forms the bulk cannabis takes as it is processed into its final, saleable form.

The Bulk Lots section displays essential information about each Bulk Lot:

  • Name: The Bulk Lot's unique name.

  • Migrated ID: If your facility has an internal method of tracking Bulk Lots that differs from the Ample Organics ID number system, the Bulk Lot's alternate ID number can go in this field.

  • Type: The type of cannabis in the Bulk Lot. The Seed-to-Sale software offers nine distinct Bulk Lot types to correspond with the cannabis product classes and subclasses introduced by the Cannabis Act in October 2019. Assigning each Bulk Lot an appropriate type is essential for accurately recording Unpackaged inventory values in the monthly CTLS report.

  • Cannabis Form: The form of cannabis in the Bulk Lot. The cannabis form is a sub-category of the Bulk Lot's type, and provides specificity about the form of cannabis in the Bulk Lot.

  • Status: The Bulk Lot's QA status. This indicates whether or not the Bulk Lot has an active lab report from an external laboratory that confirms the cannabis is fit for human consumption and can be sold to clients. If the Bulk Lot has been released, the date of release will display in this column.

  • Location: The vault or pick bin that houses the Bulk Lot.

  • Retained Sample Weight: Any weight set aside from the Bulk Lot for retention.

  • Packaged Weight: The total weight of product in the Bulk Lot that has been packaged and prepared for sale.

  • Current Weight: The current aggregate weight of cannabis in the Bulk Lot.

  • Current Volume: The current volume of cannabis in the Bulk Lot. This only applies to Extracts, Topicals, and Edibles - Non-Solids Bulk Lots.

  • Current Units: The current quantity of discrete units in the Bulk Lot. This only applies to Bulk Lots that use discrete units as a unit of measure. This applies to Bulk Lots of capsules, pre-rolls, cookies, or another form that is countable at the unit level

Production Menu


Click the


icon to open a menu of options. From here, you can edit the production's name at any time.

Click New Bulk Lot to Create a New Bulk Lot, or select a Bulk Lot from the index to open the Bulk Lot's Profile.

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