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How to Delete a Returned Grams Record
How to Delete a Returned Grams Record
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If a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–returns grams to a client's prescription in error, they should delete the returned grams record to remove the credit from the prescription once again.

Required permission(s): order_read, returned_grams_update

  1. In the Orders module, select an order.

    • Note: The order's status must be Shipped, Delivered, Refused, Refunded, or Cancelled.


  2. Open the Returned Grams tab.

  3. Select a returned grams record. This opens a Return Grams modal.

  4. Click Delete to destroy the record. This removes the returned credit from the client's prescription.

    • Note: The Delete button will not appear if the returned grams have already been used.

Learn more about the Returned Grams feature and How to Return Grams to a Prescription.

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