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The Orders module allows Customer Service Representatives–or CSRs–to create, view, and manage client orders. The Orders module contains two tabs: Orders and Recurring Orders.

Opening the Orders module brings a CSR to the Orders dashboard by default.

Orders Dashboard


The Orders dashboard provides a high-level index of all orders saved to the licence holder's system. This includes orders submitted by clients through the Client Portal and orders created by CSRs in the Orders module. The index displays essential information about each order, including:

  • Order ID: The order's unique ID number.

  • Client: The name of the client who placed the order.

  • Quantity: The amount of cannabis, in grams, associated with the order. This field will be blank if the order does not include cannabis products.

  • Total Due: The total cost of the order, minus any discounts or policy coverage.

  • Created At: The time and date at which the order was created.

  • Shipped On: The order's shipping date. This only applies to orders in the Shipped or Delivered statuses.

  • Status: The order's status.

  • Carrier: The shipping carrier associated with the order. If the order is an Open Order and a carrier has not yet been selected, this field will be blank.

By default, the index displays orders historically by creation date, but a CSR can reorder this list by Order ID number or by Status.


CSRs can also filter the orders list using the options above the index. Click the Unverified radio button to view unverified orders, click the Archived radio button to view archived orders, or use the Search bar to enter specific search criteria.

Select an order to visit the Order's Profile.

Orders Menu


Click the


icon to access a menu of options for the Orders module. These options include:

Open the Recurring Orders tab to access all recurring monthly orders.

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