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How to Download a Picking List – Orders Module
How to Download a Picking List – Orders Module
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To expedite the order fulfillment process, Fulfillment Associates can generate a picking list for multiple orders and download it as a PDF. Each order on the list includes a summary of all products to be picked, the patient's province, and a QR code to allow the associate to access Order Fulfillment actions on the Gun App.

Required permission(s): order_read

  1. Open the Orders module, and click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  2. Select View Picking List. This opens a Picking List modal.

  3. Select a subset of orders to include in the picking list based on the associated shipping carrier, or click All to include all orders regardless of shipping carrier. This generates the picking list as a printable PDF.

Scan a QR code on the picking list to access detailed information about a specific Order.

Fulfillment Associates can also Print a Picking List directly from the Gun App.

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