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Case SKU Profile
Case SKU Profile
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The Case SKU Profile provides access to detailed information and actions for a specific Case SKU. Case SKUs enable vendors–cannabis retailers and distributors–to purchase the SKU in bulk through sales orders in the Wholesale application. A single Base SKU may have several Case SKU options if the licence holder packages bottles–also known as EA units–into multiple case sizes. For example, a single dried cannabis SKU may be available in cases of 10, 25, 50, and 100 bottles. Each of these sizes is a unique Case SKU, and each Case SKU will have its own Case SKU Profile.

After creating EA units through a Packaging Run or Received Inventory, a licence holder can package the units into cases through a Casing Run. Please note that a case cannot be shipped to a vendor until all EA units in the case–whether they came from Packaging Runs or Received Inventory–are released for sale through the Base SKU's Inventory tab.

The Case SKU Profile splits into two tabs: Overview and Casing Runs.

When you open a Case SKU profile by selecting a case from the Cases tab on the SKU Profile, the Case SKU's Overview tab opens by default.



The Overview tab collects and displays essential information about the Case SKU. The Case SKU's unit of measure will always default to CASE, which means that information entered in the Case SKU Profile pertains to cases of many EA units. Click the link under the Base SKU heading to navigate back to the Base SKU's Profile, or click the

icon to archive the Case SKU.

For quick reference, the Overview tab also displays the number of case units Available for purchase, On Hand in the inventory, or Reserved for shipments that have not shipped.

Visit the Cases tab to Create a New Case SKU.

Case SKU Setup

The Case SKU Setup section stores the Case SKU's information. Unlike Base SKUs, Case SKUs are not available for purchase through the Client Portal, so there is no divide between the internal inventory management information and client-facing information.

The Case SKU Setup section contains five sub-sections:

  • Basic Information: The Case SKU's essential details, including the SKU's name, market, and description.

  • Pricing: The Case SKU's pricing information, including its wholesale price and manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP).

  • Barcode Data: The Case SKU's 14-digit Global Trade Item Number and 12-digit Universal Product Code.

  • Integration: A mapping field for use for integration with external systems.

  • Physical Specifications: The physical size–length, width, and height–of a single case.


To package bottles–or EA units–into cases, visit the Casing Runs tab and Create a Casing Run.

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