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How to Pull a Casing Record
How to Pull a Casing Record
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After packaging cases through Casing Run, a Packaging Associate can generate a casing record to quickly pull all case ID numbers created in the run and the bottle IDs in each case.

Required permission(s): product_read, casing_run_read

  1. In the Products module, select a product.

    [img product-overview]

  2. Select a SKU to open the SKU's Profile.

    [img sku-overview]

  3. Open the Cases tab.

    [img sku-cases]

  4. Select a Case SKU to open the Case SKU's Profile.

    [img case-sku-overview]

  5. Open the Casing Runs tab.

    [img casing-runs]

  6. Select a Casing Run, and click the


    icon to generate and download a Casing Record in PDF format.


From the Casing Runs tab, you can also Print Case Labels, Create a Casing Run, or Restock Cases.

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