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Release Guide: Jade Sky (3.0.0)
Release Guide: Jade Sky (3.0.0)
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Some major changes have been made to Ample Organics over the past few months to satisfy new requirements and systems surrounding the Cannabis Act and accommodate wholesale transactions for the medical and recreational markets. These changes are outlined below.


To accommodate new functionality, Seed to Sale now allows switching between different apps through Launchpad. Easily switch between the Wholesale app and the Seed to Sale app using Launchpad, the menu that appears in the top-right corner of every page within Ample Organics. As new functionality is added, additional apps may appear in this menu.


Ample's new Wholesale application introduces a new range of functionality. Visit our new Wholesale section for more information. For a full step-by-step breakdown of tasks involved in wholesale, see the Wholesale Process Guide.


Now, SKUs can be further organized into cases for wholesale. Case SKUs enable retailers and distributors to purchase the SKU in bulk through Sales Orders. A single Base SKU may have several Case SKU options. For example, a single dried cannabis SKU may be available in cases of 10, 25, 50, and 100 bottles. Each of these sizes is a unique Case SKU, and each Case SKU will have its Case SKU Profile.

Case SKUs are housed within the Cases tab of a SKU profile. Visit the Products module to Create a Case SKU, and visit the Productions module to Package Cases.


Sales Orders

The Wholesale app contains three tabs: Sales Orders, Vendors, and Settings.

While individual bottles are sold directly to consumers via the client portal, wholesale purchases are tracked via sales orders. All sales orders are listed in the Sales Order tab with pertinent information and the option to download a PDF of each order. Create a New Sales Order using the New button.


Click on any Sales Order in the list to view or update its details.



The Vendors tab within the wholesale app is where vendors are managed. For instructions on how to add a vendor, see How to Create a Vendor.



The Settings tab can be used to customize Payment Terms and Vendor Categories.



To facilitate your reporting needs for the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS), Statistics Canada (StatCan), and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), four reports have been added to the Reports module, housed under new tabs.

Kindly note that these reports will not populate in full, and need to be updated with data that is tracked outside of the Ample Organics platform. Ample Organics has identified and acknowledged these gaps and will continue working towards supporting as much of the reporting requirements as we can throughout ongoing product updates.



Excise Tax Support

In addition, new tax columns have been appended to the end of Sales Report v2 (Reports > Orders > Sales Report v2) to facilitate your needs in determining the excise duty payable on cannabis products. Currently, Ample Organics only calculates federal/provincial cannabis duty for dried cannabis products based on the amount of flowering material included or used in the production of the cannabis product. Ample Organics is unable to calculate the cannabis duty for oils without knowing the exact cannabis material inputs.

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