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How to Generate a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Report
How to Generate a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Report
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Follow the process below to generate a template with data to facilitate monthly Canada Revenue Agency reporting. At midnight at the end of a reporting period–the final day of the month–Ample Organics takes a snapshot of the data in the licence holder's Seed-to-Sale environment and uses this data to populate the monthly report for the reporting period. Whenever you download one of these monthly reports, Ample Organics draws upon the most recent report snapshot for the selected month. This prevents you from generating reports with incomplete data halfway through a reporting period. You can, however, force the use of current data if the licence holder has made significant reporting corrections.

Please note that the CRA report generates all values in weight and volume fields to an accuracy of four decimal places. As the report can be submitted with values to a maximum of three decimal places, you will have to manually review the report each month and adjust the values before submitting the report.

Kindly note that these reports will not populate in full, and need to be updated with data tracked outside of the Seed-to-Sale platform. Ample Organics has identified and acknowledged these gaps and will continue working towards supporting as much of the reporting requirements as we can throughout ongoing product updates. For a list of report columns that auto-populate each month, and an explanation of how Ample Organics gathers this data, visit the CRA Report Data Breakdown.

Required permission(s): report_hc_read

  1. In the Reports module, open the Monthly Reports tab.

  2. In the CRA Report sub-section, select a reporting month in the field provided.

    • If significant reporting corrections have been performed, check the Force use of current data box. This generates a new report based on current data and statuses.

  3. Click Download Report to generate and download the CRA Report in CSV format.

Note: Generating a report with a large date range may take several minutes while data is collected. Try downloading reports periodically or wait until off hours for report generation.

From the Monthly Reports tab, you can also download the CTLS Report, Healthcare Practitioners Report, Monthly Weight Events Report, Batch Events Report, and Destruction Events Report. To verify the data pulled for monthly reports, download an Audit Report.

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