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How to Set Up Starting Material SKUs (Plants and Seeds) for Client Sales
How to Set Up Starting Material SKUs (Plants and Seeds) for Client Sales
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The process outlined in this article is specific to Creating and Selling Starting Materials (Plants & Seeds). For information on creating packaged products, visit the articles on How to Create a New SKU and How to Set up a SKU for Client Sales.

Required permission(s): product_read, product_update

  1. In the Products module, select the appropriate product.

  2. Follow the process to Create a New SKU. Fill in and save all fields in the SKU Setup section on the Overview tab.

  3. Open the Client Sales Setup tab.

  4. Click Edit to unlock the fields.

  5. Under Allow Back Orders, open the drop-down menu and select Yes.

    • Note: This is an essential step. As starting materials are not packaged, the available inventory for these products is not determined through Packaging Runs. Allowing back orders ensures there is always an infinite amount of the SKU available.

  6. Enter the SKU's client-facing information in the other fields provided. Fields that do not apply to to plants or seeds will be greyed out.

    • Basic Information

      • Retail Name: The SKU's retail name. This is different from the SKU's internal name in the SKU Setup section of the Overview tab; the retail name should be descriptive.

      • Public Visibility: Indicates whether or not the SKU information will be publicly visible. Select Not Visible if the SKU is not yet ready for retail.

      • Charge Tax: Indicates whether or not to charge tax on the SKU.

      • Maximum Quantity: The maximum quantity of the SKU a client is allowed to purchase in a single order.

      • Prescription Deduction: The number of grams a single SKU will deduct from the client's prescription allowance. This does not apply to plants or seeds.

    • Pricing


      • Consistent Pricing/Regional Pricing: Indicate whether to offer a consistent price nationwide or specify a unique price in every Canadian province.

      • Retail Price: The SKU's retail price.

      • Sale Price: The SKU's sale price.

    • Other


      • Input Label: A brief description for the SKU. Click the Save as Formatted Text radio button to unlock text formatting options.

      • Bottle Label Template Background: Allows you to upload an image to serve as the label's background template.

  7. Click Save to finalize the SKU. The Plant or Seed SKU is now available for purchase with sufficient inventory to fulfill orders.


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