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How to Print a Picking List – Gun App
How to Print a Picking List – Gun App
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To expedite the order fulfillment process, Fulfillment Associates can generate and print a picking list for multiple orders. Each order on the picking list includes a summary of all products to be picked, as well as a QR code to allow the associate to access Order Fulfillment functions.

Fulfillment Associates can also Generate a Picking List from the Orders module.

  1. Log into the Gun App and open the Order Fulfillment module.

  2. Tap the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Print Picking List. This opens picking list options.

  4. Select a carrier or All carriers to indicate whether the picking list should include orders from a specific carrier or from all carriers.

  5. Tap Next to proceed to the printer selection screen.

  6. If multiple printer options are available, select a printer.

  7. Tap Print to print the picking list.

Before picking EA units to fulfill orders, Fulfillment Associates should Select a Picking Mode that best suits their facility's order fulfillment process.

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