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How to Change the Picking Mode
How to Change the Picking Mode
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Changing the picking mode allows Fulfillment Associates to adjust the order fulfillment process to suit their real-life workflows.

  1. Log into the Gun App and open the Order Fulfillment module.

  2. Tap the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Change Picking Mode. This opens picking mode options.

    • Picking > Labeling > Shipping: Pick, label, and ship in three distinct steps.

    • Picking + Labeling > Shipping: Pick and label in one step, and then ship.

    • Picking > Labeling + Shipping: Pick units, and then label and ship in one step.

    • Picking + Labeling + Shipping: Pick, label, and ship as a single step.

  4. Click a picking mode to select it. This redirects to the Order Fulfillment module homepage, where the options available will adjust to reflect the new picking mode.

Before fulfilling orders, Fulfillment Associates should Generate a Picking List to expedite the fulfillment process. Visit the article on the Order Fulfillment Process to learn how to fulfill orders using each of the four picking modes.

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