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How to Claim a Plant for Wholesale
How to Claim a Plant for Wholesale
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When a Fulfillment Associate Fulfills an Order with Plants in the Orders module, the plants picked for the order are automatically marked as sold and removed from inventory. However, if plants are sold outside of the typical order fulfillment process, the associate must manually claim the plants for wholesale to indicate that they are no longer available for use.

Required permission(s): plant_read, plant_update

  1. Open the plant's Overview page by scanning its barcode or clicking on a hyperlink.

  2. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Claim for Wholesale. This opens the Claim Plant for Wholesale confirmation modal.

  4. Click Okay. This removes the plant from the license holder's inventory. It will no longer be accessible through the Grow module.


Visit the Grow module to Mark an Entire Batch for Wholesale.

From the plant's Overview page, a Grow Technician can also Move the Plant, Destroy the Plant, Print a Plant Label, or Change the Plant's Mother Status.

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