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How to Print a Plant Label – Gun App
How to Print a Plant Label – Gun App
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Depending on a licence holder's SOPs, Grow Technicians may print distinct labels for each individual plant after creating a new batch. Plant labels identify each plant with a unique ID number. Additionally, each label includes a unique barcode that Grow Technicians can scan to interact with the plant through the Gun App. Many cultivators opt of out labelling plants individually, and instead label all plants in a batch with a Batch Tag. This simplifies the process of advancing, harvesting, or destroying plants in groups. However, licence holders should label Mother plants individually to facilitate the cloning process.

A Grow Technician can also print a plant label from the Grow Module.

Required permission(s): plant_read, batch_read

  1. Scan an existing plant label, or tap a link to the plant, to open the plant's summary page.

  2. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Print Label. This opens a printing modal.

  4. If the facility has multiple plant barcode printers, select a printer.

  5. Click Print to print a plant label. Affix the label to the plant immediately.

From the Gun App, a Grow Technician can also print labels for Multiple Plants, Batches, and Seed Lots.

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