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Guide to Bulk Lot Types
Guide to Bulk Lot Types
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When Creating a Bulk Lot, you must select the Bulk Lot's type and indicate whether or not the Bulk Lot is measured in discrete units. The Seed-to-Sale software offers nine distinct Bulk Lot types–each of which may be discrete or non-discrete–to correspond with the cannabis product classes and subclasses introduced by the Cannabis Act in October 2019.

When Packaging Cannabis from a Bulk Lot into units for public sale, the Bulk Lot's type must match the selected product's type and subclass. For example, when packaging cannabis from an Extracts - Inhaled Bulk Lot you may only select products that have the Extracts - Inhaled subclass.

Assigning each Bulk Lot an appropriate type is essential for accurately recording Unpackaged inventory values in the monthly CTLS Report. Review the table below to ensure each new Bulk Lot's type reflects the form and purpose of cannabis in the lot.

Lot Type


Cannabis Forms–Non-Discrete

Cannabis Forms–Discrete


Cannabis in a fresh, post-harvest state

Fresh Bulk, Fresh Branches, Fresh Buds


Cannabis that has been dried through a Drying Work Order.

Dried Buds, Milled Flower, Decarboxylated Buds


Pure Intermediates

Pure, unrefined cannabis oil extract. This describes the state of cannabis immediately following an Extraction Work Order, before any refinement or further processing has taken place. You cannot package cannabis from a Pure Intermediates Bulk Lot; the cannabis must be processed further and moved to an Extracts Bulk Lot before packaging takes place.

Unrefined cannabis extract/resin

Extracts - Ingested

A refined cannabis extract form that a user consumes by ingesting.

Refined Extract, Diluted Oil


Extracts - Inhaled

A refined cannabis extract form that a user consumes through inhalation.

Hash, Wax, Rosin

Vape Pens

Extracts - Other

A refined cannabis extract form that a user consumes nasally, rectally, or vaginally.



Products that include cannabis as an ingredient and that are intended to be used on external body surfaces (e.g., skin, hair, nails).

Cream, Lotion, Balm

Edibles - Solids

Edible cannabis in a solid form

Chocolate Bars, Cookies, Gummy Bears*

Edibles - Non-Solids

Edible cannabis in a liquid form

Soda, Tea

*Edibles products, like chocolate bars, cookies, and gummy bears may be discrete or non-discrete depending on how the licence holder packages these cannabis forms.

Most Bulk Lot types correspond directly with Product Type class and subclass options.

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