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How to Create and Use a Virtual Room
How to Create and Use a Virtual Room
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Note: Originally, Ample Organics conceived Virtual Rooms as a workaround to accommodate limited destruction options. Since then, Ample Organics has added the Destruction module and several new destruction methods to facilitate the Destruction Process. In the current version of the Seed-to-Sale software, a Virtual Room is only useful in cases where a licence holder labels plants individually and needs to destroy several specific plants. If the licence holder does not label plants individually, Destroying Plants at the Batch Level is a much faster process.

Occasionally, a Grow Technician may need to destroy a large number of specific plants from a single batch. This can be an extremely time-consuming process, as the technician must log the weight and reason for destruction for each individual plant to be destroyed. To expedite this process, the technician can create a Virtual Room. A Virtual Room is a virtual location to which a Grow Technician can move all plants slated for destruction. This allows the technician to *mark* plants for destruction and destroy the plants at a later time. When that time comes, the plants can be destroyed in a single action. Virtual Rooms are also useful for other functions, like selecting plants to mark as Mothers or separating a batch into two parts to facilitate a batch split.

Required permission(s): location_create, plant_update

  1. Follow the procedure to Create a New Grow Room, and name the room "Virtual Destruction Room" or "Virtual Room".

  2. Using the Gun App, Move Plants into the Virtual Room using the Quick Move feature.

  3. Follow the procedure to Destroy Plants using the Gun App.

    • When selecting a subset of plants, select the Virtual Room as the location.

If a plant is destroyed in error, visit the Grow module to Restore the Plant.

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