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How to Restore a Destroyed Plant
How to Restore a Destroyed Plant
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If a Grow Technician destroys a plant in error, follow this process to reverse the destruction. Please note that this process restores an entire plant that has been marked as destroyed. The process to Revert a Plant Waste Destruction–a destruction in which the entire plant is not destroyed, like trimming moldy leaves–is slightly different.

Note: A plant moves to the Archived status once it has been destroyed, harvested, or claimed for wholesale. You cannot unarchive a plant that has been harvested or claimed for wholesale, so this process will only work for plants that have been destroyed.

Required permission(s): plant_read, plant_restore

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

    [img propagation]

  2. Select the Plant Search sub-tab.

    [img plant-search]

  3. Click the All radio button to include archived plants in the search results.

  4. Select a destroyed plant from the list to open the Plant's Profile.

    • Note: Quickly locate a specific plant by entering the plant's ID number in the search bar.

  5. Scroll down, and click Restore. This opens the Restore Destroyed Plant modal.

  6. Indicate whether or not to adjust the destruction lot input weight using the radio buttons on the modal. If the plant was destroyed in a mass destruction with other plants, the input weight refers to the aggregate weight of all plants destroyed, so take care to only subtract the weight of the individual plant.

  7. Click Restore to restore the plant.


Visit the Destruction Process Guide for more information on destroying and restoring waste.

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