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How to Revert a Harvest Destruction
How to Revert a Harvest Destruction
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When Harvesting Cannabis, Grow Technicians output fresh cannabis to a Bulk Lot and record any waste. If waste is recorded incorrectly, follow the steps below to revert the destruction event.

Required permission(s): harvest_read, harvest_update

Note: To revert a harvest destruction, the harvest and the destination Destruction Lot must be Open.

  1. In the Grow module, open the Harvests tab.

    [img harvests]

  2. Select a harvest to open the Harvest's Profile.

    • Note: A Grow Technician can only revert a harvest destruction if the harvest is Open. If the harvest is Closed, click Reopen.

  3. Open the Destruction tab.

  4. Locate the faulty destruction event, and click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  5. Click Revert Destruction. This removes the destroyed weight from the harvest's total plant weight.

    • Note: This action will be unsuccessful of the destination Destruction Lot has been Closed or Destroyed.


Visit the Destruction Process Guide for a comprehensive list of all destruction methods.

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