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How to Record Waste from a Plant – Grow Module
How to Record Waste from a Plant – Grow Module
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Over the course of cannabis production, plant waste occurs when plants shed leaves or require pruning. Follow the steps below to record waste from an individual plant.

A Grow Technician can also record plant waste through the Gun App.

Required permission(s): plant_read, plant_archive

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

    [img propagation]

  2. Select the Plant Search sub-tab.

    [img plant-search]

  3. Select a plant from the index to open the Plant's Profile.

    • Note: Quickly locate a specific plant by entering its ID number in the Search bar.

      [img plant-profile]

  4. Open the Destruction tab.

    [img plant-profile-destruction]

  5. Click Record Waste. This opens the Record Plant Waste modal.

  6. Enter information about the destruction in the fields provided.

  7. Click Record Waste to complete the destruction.


If an error occurs, Restore the Plant Waste.

Through the Grow module, a Grow Technician can also Destroy Aggregate Waste from a Batch, or Destroy Aggregate Waste from a Grow Room.

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