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How to Record Waste from an Individual Plant – Gun App
How to Record Waste from an Individual Plant – Gun App
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Over the course of a plant's life, it may shed leaves and branches or require trimming, and this small amount of waste is known as plant waste. Follow the steps below to record waste from a single plant.

Note: Recording waste from a plant is not the same as Destroying the Plant.

Required permission(s): plant_read, batch_read, destruction_lot_read, plant_archive

  1. Open the plant's summary page by scanning its barcode or clicking a hyperlink.

  2. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Destruction to begin the destruction process.

  4. Select Record Waste. This opens a menu of Destruction Lots.

  5. Select a Destruction Lot and click the

    icon. This opens a list of all sublots/child lots associated with the Destruction Lot.

  6. Select a sublot and click the

    icon to proceed.

  7. Enter the waste material's weight, the reason for the destruction, and the substance to destroy in the fields provided.

  8. Click Continue to proceed to the destruction confirmation page.

  9. Read through the confirmation page. If everything is in order, click Destroy to destroy the plant waste.

Through the Gun App, Grow Technicians can also Record Waste from a Single Batch or Record Waste from a Grow Room Location.

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