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Release Guide: 5.1.0
Release Guide: 5.1.0
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Release version 5.1.0 serves as an addendum to Skunk Haze and introduces increased monthly reporting coverage and numerous updates to support new regulatory requirements.

This release guide summarizes the changes in this release, which fall into several categories:

For an itemized list of updates, visit the 5.1.0 Release Notes.

CTLS 2.1

The CTLS report has been updated to pull a wider net of data to populate columns related to the new cannabis product subclasses introduced in October 2019. This includes Unpackaged, Packaged, and Sales columns (as applicable) for each cannabis product subclass: Dried, Pure Intermediates, Edibles-Solids, Edibles-Non-Solids, Extracts-Inhaled, Extracts-Ingested, Extracts-Other, and Topicals.

Visit the CTLS Report Data Breakdown for a complete list of columns that auto-populate, as well as tips and tricks for validating CTLS data with the help of stock reports.

Stock Report Updates

Several stock reports have been updated with additional columns to collect and organize data based on the new product subclasses and Bulk Lot types, and to accommodate discrete units. This not only bolsters reporting accuracy, but it also provides users with an additional method to validate data pulled for the monthly CTLS report. Affected reports include the Sales Report V2, Historical Bulk Inventory Report, Weight Events by Month Report, Bulk Lot Weight Events Report, Sales by Line Item Report, and Plant Creation Report.

Lab Samples Report

Ample Organics has added a new Lab Samples Report to pull information on all lab reports created within a given date range. This will provide additional clarity to monthly weight changes due to samples sent for external testing. This report will be available through the Inventory report types tab in the Reports module.


Destructions - Regulatory Updates

Ample Organics has updated the Destruction Lot Profile and the Destruction Lot PDF Report to be more explicitly compliant with the current regulations.

  • Users are no longer required to select the destruction witnesses' qualifications in the Destruction Details section in the Destruction Lot Profile. As such, the drop-downs that delineate these roles have been removed for all new Destruction Lots.

  • Text has been added above the Accompaniment and Witnesses signoff fields on the Destruction Lot PDF Report to reference the specific section(s) of the Cannabis Act with which the licence holder's destructions must be compliant. This provides clarity about what these parties are signing off on.|

  • The Destruction Lot PDF Report now includes the parent lot's closing weight. Previously, the report listed the closing weight of each of the Destruction Lot's sublots, but now the report includes the sum closing weight as well.

  • The Destruction Lot PDF Report now includes a record of the quantity of seeds destroyed into the lot. The Total Seeds (g) column has been replaced by a Total Seeds (#) column, as there is no need to record the total weight of destroyed seeds.


Miscellaneous Updates

BC Vapour Product Tax

To accommodate the new vapour product tax introduced by BC Bill 45 in November 2019, Ample Organics has added the ability to tag a product as a "Vapour Product" from the product's Edit tab. This checkbox only appears for Oils and Accessories products in the OG Kush version, and for Extracts-Inhaled and Accessories products in the Skunk Haze version. On medical orders where the shipping province is BC, any SKUs under products tagged as vapour products will incur a 20% tax charge, with GST charged on top.


Reclaiming Bottles

The Reclaim Bottles function on the Gun App has been updated to support reclaiming EA units created through received inventory and bottles that contain discrete units. Reclaiming a bottle that has discrete units will now return the discrete units to the associated Bulk Lot along with the bottle's weight and volume. Furthermore, the front-end interface has been updated to mention discrete units during the bottle reclamation, where necessary.


Dried (Discrete) Bulk Lot Lab Reports

The Lab Report page in Dried (Discrete) Bulk Lots has been adjusted to use correct cannabinoid potency units-of-measure (UoM) and explicitly record potency equivalencies. The option to record and display potencies by percentage (%) has been removed and replaced by mg/unit. This affects how potencies display in lab reports, in the SKU Profile, and on the Client Portal. Additionally, a lab report in a Dried (Discrete) Bulk Lot will now include fields to record the Dried THC Total Equivalence and Dried CBD Total Equivalence, which makes it easier to compare potencies across Bulk Lots of different types.

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