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Release Guide: 6.0.0
Release Guide: 6.0.0
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Release version 6.0.0 focuses on bulk wholesale transactions, monthly reporting updates, and enhanced accessibility. Changes introduced include:

For an itemized list of updates, visit the 6.0.0 Release Notes.

Vendor Licence Types & Sales Order Purposes


In Version 5.5.0, we updated the Wholesale application so that a vendor’s license number is associated with each shipping and/or billing address rather than to the vendors themselves. This allows you to add a distinct licence number for each of a vendor's addresses. In Version 6.0.0, we’ve advanced this feature even further, and now each licence number can have one or more licence types depending on the nature of the vendor location. Licence type options include:

  • Analytical Tester

  • Standard Cultivation

  • Standard Processor

  • Nursery

  • Researcher

  • Micro Cultivation

  • Micro Processor

  • Other


Additionally, when creating a Sales Order, you must now select the order’s purpose, which affects how inventory reductions due to wholesale transactions are recorded on the monthly CRA & CTLS reports. The options for a Sales Order’s purpose are:

  • Analytical Testing

  • Research

  • Cultivation & Processing

  • Other

However, not every Sales Order will have all four options available, as a Sales Order’s purpose depends on the licence types associated with the vendor’s shipping address.

To ensure each vendor address is set up with proper licence types, visit our article on How to Add a Vendor.

Unpackaged (Bulk) Wholesale


Version 6.0.0 introduces the ability to sell bulk cannabis through the Wholesale application, and this is possible with the addition of unpackaged Sales Orders. An unpackaged Sales Order sources bulk cannabis directly from a Bulk Lot in the Productions module and ships the cannabis to the vendor in Bulk Packs. As is the case with packaged Sales Orders, bulk material cannot be shipped to a vendor until the source lot is QA Approved. We’ve also added the option to create Other Charge line items to account for expenses that aren’t covered by pre-set values like product prices or taxes. This could include shipping or packaging fees. For more information, visit our article on How to Create an Unpackaged Sales Order.


Along with the ability to create Sales Orders with unpackaged line items, we’re also granting the ability to receive bulk, unpackaged cannabis through the Wholesale application’s Received Inventory tab. To accommodate this change, received inventory records are now split between two sub-tabs: Packaged and Bulk. When adding bulk received inventory, you can associate the cannabis to an existing Bulk Lot or create a new one, and as is the case with received packaged inventory, the bulk inventory record can be returned or reverted if something goes wrong. For more information, visit our article on How to Add Bulk Received Inventory.

CTLS Report Update

To accompany the new vendor licence types and bulk wholesale functionality, the CTLS report has been updated to pull a wider range of data and consider bulk wholesale transactions in monthly inventory totals. Updates to the CTLS report focus on recording additions, reductions, and sales of unpackaged cannabis across all material types. For an up-to-date guide to which parts of the report auto-populate, visit the CTLS Reporting Guide.

Legacy Monthly Reports

As of 6.0.0, we will no longer support legacy monthly reports. As such, the ACMPR report, MMPR report, and the 2018 versions of the CRA and CTLS reports have been removed from the Monthly Reports tab in the Reports module.


In version 6.0.0, even more elements in the Seed-to-Sale software have been updated to ensure compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. To improve accessibility, we have updated labels and headings throughout the software to better describe the content’s topic or purpose, improved text alternatives for images and other non-text content, and added instructions to user input fields.

For an itemized list of updates, visit the 6.0.0 Release Notes.

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