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How to Apply a Discount to an Order
How to Apply a Discount to an Order
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When creating an order for a client, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can add a discount by selecting from a list of applicable discounts, entering a discount code, or manually entering a discount value. Follow the steps below to apply a discount to an order.

Please note that the Cannabis Act has imposed regulations that prohibit the use of discounts on cannabis products. Each licence holder should consult the Cannabis Act and develop Standard Operating Proceduresor SOPssurrounding the use of discount codes.

Required permission(s): order_create, order_update, apply_discount_code, apply_discount

  1. Follow the procedure to Create a New Order, but stop after adding items to the order and selecting a shipping method.

  2. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Add Discount. This opens the Add Discount to Order modal.

  4. Select a discount to apply to the order.

    • Applicable Discounts appear if the client is part of a sales channel that has access to a discount, or if that client has been individually selected to take part in the discount. To claim an applicable discount:

      1. Open the Applicable Discounts sub-tab in the Add Discount to Order modal. It should be open by default when the modal appears.

      2. Click on a discount to apply it to the order.

    • To enter a promotional code:

      1. Open the Enter Code sub-tab in the Add Discount to Order modal.

      2. Type the discount code into the field provided.

      3. Click Apply Code to apply the discount to the order.

    • To apply a discount manually:

      1. Open the Manual Discount sub-tab in the Add Discount to Order modal.

      2. Indicate the monetary amount covered by the discount in the Enter manual amount field, or indicate the percentage of the overall cost covered by the discount in the Percent Discount field.

      3. Open the Tax Setting drop-down menu, and indicate whether to apply the discount before or after tax.

      4. Open the Discount Type drop-down menu, and select a discount type.

      5. *Optional* Indicate the reason for the discount in the Enter a reason field.

      6. Click Apply to apply the manual discount to the order.

  5. Click Purchase to proceed with the order workflow.

Visit the Discounts module to Create a New Discount. CSRs can also Apply Discounts to Line Items rather than applying a discount to an entire order.

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