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Discounts Module
Discounts Module
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The Discounts module allows Customer Service Representatives–or CSRs–to manage discounts that clients can apply to their orders. Use the Discounts module to create new discounts, search through existing discounts, and view or edit discount information.


The Discounts module is split between two tabs: Discounts and Discount Types. Opening the Discounts module opens the Discounts tab by default.



The Discounts Dashboard provides a high-level list of all discounts created within the system. A CSR can sort the list of discounts using several fields:

  • ID: sorts by discount ID numbers.

  • Code: sorts by codes used to claim the discounts, if applicable.

  • Covers Shipping: sorts based on whether the discounts apply to shipping costs.

  • Amount: sorts by the % of the order cost covered by each discount.

  • Expiry: sorts by discount expiry dates.

  • Discount Type: sorts by discount types.

  • Created On: sorts by the date on which a user created each discount.

  • Created By: sorts by the users who created the discounts.

Click New to Create a New Discount. Click on a discount to view the Discount's page.

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