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Solutions and Workarounds to Common Problems
Solutions and Workarounds to Common Problems
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While Ample Organics aspires to create processes that are as simple and intuitive as possible, some licensed producers have unique needs and workflows that are not directly accommodated by the Seed-to-Sale software. Usually, you can overcome issues like this by combining multiple processes to accomplish the outcome you need. This article provides solutions and workarounds to common problems and scenarios.

Logging Cuttings on Multiple Shifts

Creating a batch from cuttings may be a lengthy process performed by several employees over many shifts. Follow the steps below to create a single batch from cuttings collected over multiple shifts:

  1. Each employee should create a distinct batch for the cuttings taken during their shift. This is possible using both the Gun App and the browser-based platform.

  2. Once employees have finished taking cuttings, combine all batches from all shifts into a single batch.

Actions for Selecting Plants as a Group

A licence holder with a Standard Operating Procedure–or SOP–to label plants individually may want to perform mass actions for several plants at once. To create a virtual grouping of plants, enabling a single action to affect the group, visit the article that describes How to Create and Use a Virtual Room.

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