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Shipment Profile
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The line items requested in a Sales Order are delivered to the vendor through shipments, and from a Shipment Profile, a licence holder has access to essential information and actions for a specific shipment. A Sales Order may be fulfilled through a single, large shipment. However, the Wholesale application supports partial order fulfillment, so a large Sales Order may be delivered through several smaller shipments. If a licence holder opts to fulfill a Sales Order with multiple shipments, they cannot create a second shipment until the first shipment has shipped.

In Packaged Sales Orders, shipments group cases of packaged cannabis. In Unpackaged Sales Orders, shipments group Bulk Packs of unpackaged cannabis.


A Shipment Profile splits into three tabs: Overview, Edit, and Notes & Documents. Opening a Shipment Profile brings you to the Overview tab by default.


[img shipment-profile]


The Overview tab displays basic information about the shipment, including the vendor's contact information and shipping address, the associated Sales Order and purchase order, and the inventory included in the shipment. Additionally, if the shipment has been Shipped or Delivered, the shipping and delivery dates will populate under the headings provided. These dates can be edited at any time.

Click the Sales Order's reference ID to navigate back to the Sales Order's Profile. To update the inventory to be shipped, visit the Edit tab.

If the shipment's Sales Order has multiple shipments, you can navigate between shipments using the links under the Associated SO Shipments heading.


From the Overview tab, you can Download a Shipment Invoice or Download a Packing Slip. The shipment invoice summarizes the goods packed and shipped to a vendor in a given shipment, and serves as a financial snapshot for the licence holder to request payment from the vendor. The shipment invoice also doubles as a picking list for Fulfillment Associates to use when picking and packing a shipment. Before you can download a shipment invoice, the shipment must meet internal approval.

The packing slip provides the vendor's bulk purchaser with information on a shipment's contents so they can confirm the contents upon delivery. When picking and packing a shipment, be sure to include a packing slip with the shipment.

Shipment Statuses


Licence holders track the progress of a shipment by Changing the Shipment's Status though the Status drop-down menu. At present, a shipment's status does not update automatically, so users must manually adjust a shipment's status as it enters each stage:

  • Open: A freshly created shipment waiting on internal approval

  • Approved: The shipment has met internal approval. A user can now download the shipment invoice.

  • Picked & Packed: The line items in the shipment have been picked from the inventory and packed for shipment, but they have not been shipped yet.

  • Shipped: The shipment has shipped. Marking a shipment as Shipped removes the inventory from the system.

  • Delivered: The vendor has received the shipment Marking a shipment as Delivered finalizes the shipment.

  • Cancelled: The shipment has been cancelled.



The Edit tab allows you to Edit the Contents of the Shipment by adding or removing Case IDs, Bulk Packs, and Other Charges. The Edit tab is only available to shipments that are Open, Approved, or Picked & Packed. The tab disappears once the shipment is Shipped or Delivered.

Notes & Documents


Through the Notes & Documents tab, you can add notes about the shipment, or upload relevant documents.

Adding a note in the Notes section is helpful if a shipment has special conditions or details that the licence holder must accommodate. For example, if a shipment is the licence holder's first delivery to a vendor, you might add a note to remind Fulfillment Associates to include a welcome package with the shipment. When creating a note, you can check the Trigger pop-up notification box so that the note will appear whenever someone opens the Shipment's Profile.


The Documents section allows you to upload additional documents relevant to the shipment. Additionally, any time you generate a shipment invoice or a packing slip, it is saved as an entry in this section.

Visit the Sales Order Profile to create a new shipment with Packaged Items or Bulk Cannabis.

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